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Roy Wood Jr makes a fool of North Carolina and the people in it, Stephen Colbert

Roy Wood Jr makes a fool of North Carolina and the people in it, Stephen Colbert

Roy Wood Jr makes a fool of North Carolina and the people in it, Stephen ColbertDaily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr recalls the time he feared for his life down in North Carolina doing the Gay BBQ skit with Jordan Klepper.  With a North Carolina law that gives businesses the right to refuse service to anyone they suspect of being gay, the Daily Show team set up a BBQ truck and then refused service to the people lining up because they looked gay. Hilarious premise to be sure. But being North Carolina, the only thing worse than being black is being gay, and when a black man calls a white person gay LOOK OUT.

North Carolina HB2 Bathroom Bill BBQ, Daily Show Roy Wood Jr

On a serious note, Roy Wood Jr has an upcoming special on how black parents can best explain to their children the white racism that will soon be directed at them and how best to deal with throughout the rest of their lives. What a nice helpful thing to do for his fellows.

Okay, now name a nice helpful thing Donald Trump or any Republican has ever done for anyone other than their wealthy friends?
Good luck with that.

Hey, Bob Dole as the co sponsor to re establish Food Stamps was in 1977, 40 years ago.

Speaking of North Carolina, I just read the new novel The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. A bit unusual in that he makes the underground railroad a real railroad which adds a bit of wonder to the sad story.

The biggest historic lesson I learned from that book – which I am sure most every white person also learned – was that well before the Civil War North Carolina became an outliner of the slave states. They had managed to grab up new immigrants from Europe on retainers to replace the negro slaves in the fields. Kind of a poke in the eye to the rest of the Slave states who said they could not exist without slavery.

Sounds nice does it?  Well the results were the wholesale murder and slaughter of Negroes throughout the state, including women and children. Driving them out with a trail of lynching and bodies hanging and rotting from the trees on the roads from town to town as a reminder. Those who did not run fast enough were rounded up by vigilantes and held in local jails to by hung in the public square on Sundays to the cheering crowds of white men, women and children. Kids poking at the hanging bodies with sticks and rocks. Bigger good time social events for the fine families of North Carolina than going to church.

Why don’t white people know about any of that?  Must be fake news…

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