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Tag: 2016

25 Biggest Losers of 2016

. The Biggest Losers of 2016 The Planet Earth Comon decency Renewable energy Science Peace Education Black lives matter The Democratic Party Planned Parenthood The Clintons The Bushes College professors Social Security Medicare Medicaid Muslims Latinos African Americans Children Women The poor Working class Chris Christie Rudy Giuliani You and…

25 biggest winners of 2016

The Biggest Winners of 2016 Chicago Cubs Donald Trump Bigotry Billionaires Millionaires The GOP Fossil Fuel Industry The NRA Fox News Russia White nationalism Breitbart.com Fake News Dumbasses Large Corporations Religious intolerance Steven Bannon Ann Coulter Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity Bill O’Reilly Mike Pence Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the III Ted Nugent…