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Totally Biased Kamau Bell video: Our Yosemite Sam Gun Policy

'Kamau Bell Totally Biased: Our Yosemite Sam Gun policy what if we had NO guns?  videoKamau invites us to ‘imagine, no guns at all.’ He then explores the proposal in more palatable Seus-like rhyme. For those who find that suggestion to be extreme and distasteful, the debate rages on. Some believe it’s as simple as keeping guns from crazy people, then letting the ‘sane’ ones exist in a Yosemite Sam cartoon-like world, where any bad guys would be met with a hail of gunfire from every direction, presumably fired by the sane ones.
Sadly, most crazy people, or people with anger issues have never been diagnosed…Nor could they be.
If you need a reminder, Kamau plays a bit of James Yeager’s original rant and his alleged ‘apology’ – any questions? We have to find a middle ground, perhaps defining what the second amendment does and does not insure – for militia members, would be a good place to start?

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