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Trump Supporters Want to Build Atlantic Wall – Keith Olbermann

The OTHER Wall Donald Trump Supporters Want to Build - Keith Olbermann

Like most of us, Keith Olbermann believes that Trump’s supporters and their views would be hilarious if they weren’t so off the wall, and if  they weren’t determined to win the election.  A PPP  poll recently showed that 31% of Trump supporters feel that Muslim terrorists can only be foiled by a gigantic wall extending the entire length of our Atlantic coast. You will have visions of surfboarding Muslims in burkinis. Imagine strong swimmers and intrepid navigators who somehow get to Cuba – and then drift here on a re-purposed ’51 Chevy pick-up truck – maybe. How else do the 31% believe hordes of terrorists invade our borders?  Uh Oh…Maybe they’ll parachute in, after the wall is built?!

Never mind that we haven’t had a terrorist attack by people here illegally since 9-11. Keith sums up why it’s  profitable for some to fan the flames of hatred and fear.  If ignorance is bliss, it’s also proud and defiant. Keith shows us how the dim may inherit the earth yet.

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