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Unpaid Teachers Stage Sickouts in Detroit – Seth Meyers

Unpaid Teachers Stage Sickouts in Detroit - Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at yet another sickout by Detroit teachers, this time they refuse to work for free after Michigan spent $30 million of their own funds!  Where is their dedication, hey? Students, whose water is poisoned, can’t attend school because of government theft and neglect. This is such a ‘third-world’ crisis that I fully expect ‘We Are the World’ to gather. They should.

Detroit teachers staged a sick-out earlier this year to draw attention to the crumbling, decayed structures in which they are expected to work and educate children in safety.  In a typical school, it’s been years since the gym or the pool have been usable, and now kids aren’t even allowed into the playground.

While it does take the dedication of a volunteer to stay the course in conditions this challenging, for Michigan to steal money from teachers is unbelievable. The fact that the teachers are sorely underpaid is another issue entirely.

Michigan could at least fix the playgrounds, we know they have $30 million dollars of ‘found money!’

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