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The creationist position

The creationist position

This touches on perhaps the most important issue that drives the Right-wing swill we witness everyday. Bill Maher calls it living inside the bubble, or the old art of the three monkeys reduced to two, for as Heaven knows, they most certainly don't have a hand over their mouths. They do not stray out of their Full Article & Video

Creationism on the rise in the GOP

Creationism vs evoluton

"Intelligent Design" pretends to be a scientific acceptance of evolution by the hand of God. Do not be fooled, it is nothing of the sort, it is the same "religious creationism" that has denied evolution since the first evangelical clown put on a red rubber nose and dyed his hair orange. What we see in this Full Article & Video

The Louisiana Stupid Party OK to teach Witch Doctoring and Creationism as Science in Public schools

jesus dinosaur

“I’ve got no problem if a school board, a local school board, says we want to teach our kids about creationism, that some people have these beliefs as well. Let’s teach them about intelligent design. I think teach them the best science.” Governor Bobby Jindal backing the LSEA after he has said "Republicans have to ... Full Article & Video

Florida Senator Marco Rubio creationist

marco rubio creationist

First off  keep in mind that 60% of Republicans believe that the Earth was created less than 10,000 years ago. And a majority of Americans want creationism given equal time in public school science classes. Which makes Iranians smarter than we are.  So old white people refuse to accept evolution? Or fruits and coloreds.  I ... Full Article & Video

Mark Fiore Cartoon: House Science & Ladyparts Committee with Professor Todd Akin

Mark Fiore cartoon rips Todd Akin House Science & Ladyparts Committee

    'Professor' Todd Akin's  House Science & Ladyparts Committee is an offshoot of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee. If that doesn't frighten you sufficiently, take a look at a few of their most pressing concerns. Foremost is legislating the 'rape vs willing participant in pregnancy' theory.  Time willing, these men of science take Full Article & Video