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Confusing Question of the Day: Obama,IRS and Benghazi.Trolled Again! Jimmy Kimmel

Public Trolled Again: Obama, Benghazi, IRS...Big Hooters Fall For 'Confusing Question'   Jimmy Kimmel

The generously endowed lady in the photo doesn’t know who he is, but she claims,”Eric Holder ‘can hold these!”  Other people asked,  had no clue who Mr. Holder was.
No one says “I don’t know” or “That question makes no sense” when Jimmy Kimmel’s camera crew hits Hollywood Boulevard with a  very crazy question!   Consider this question – what would you say?  Never mind, you are a discriminating reader of this blog, and you would know better. Just for the sake of argument, here is the question asked:
“Do you support President Obama’s decision to direct the IRS to send the Department of Justice to Benghazi to spy on Solyndra?” 

Understandably, there are some crazy answers to this nonsensical question. What you might not expect is that few knew what IRS stands for. My favorite was the man whose ‘old school’ mother might have told him “IRS” was a wrestler..In a sense, that’s true.  However, this entire segment is enough to cause one to (briefly)  reconsider the ‘one man one vote’ policy.

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