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The Right to Bear Arms, literally

bear arms

Finally someone put what has been floating around in my head all my life into pictures. This is the answer of course, no more drive bys, snipering, even throwing is out of the question. Problems must solved face to face within arms length. A safer more bearable world. Full Article & Video

Jon Stewart, Terrorism Guns and the Constitution

Assault rifle ban cartoon, and story of felon in Maximum Security who thanks the NRA for making it easier for him to get a gun illegally

Number of Americans killed in domestic terrorist attacks, 2002-2011: 30 Number of Americans murdered by firearms, 2000-2011: 115,997 Cost of War on Terror since 2002 to 2011: $5 Trillion Cost of ATF fight against gun violence: $11 billion If only our founding fathers could have imagined an AR15 with dual 40 round clips or an AK47 Full Article & Video