Fox News Halloween all year round

fox news halloween all year round

Be afraid very afraid. Quite a spin on FDR's famous "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" quote. I guess the Fox News spin is "the only thing we have to win with is fear itself." This election cycle "October Surprise" is Ebola, and on the heels Full Article & Video

Cyrus the Rocker, his dating video

Cyrus the Rocker

This video grew on me. At first glance I was looking down on the rural white boy, the wannabe rocker, the silly get up that has become his uniform, his career at Steak & Shake, Metalica, the sideburns, Southern Man and how many emails he got from girls. But on Full Article & Video

The Voter Suppression Argument

Voter suppression argument

The Republican majority on the Supreme Court last week allowed Texas to keep their voter suppression laws intact for the coming election in two weeks.  In Wisconsin the same Supreme Court held against the laws until after the coming election by refusing to hear it. Why, I don't know... But Full Article & Video

Key and Peele Army Running Cadence

Key and Peele Army Running Cadence

Key and Peele are in the Army now!   I'd  imagine that while your squad is out on a forced run, building endurance and powerful blisters, the call and response to the cadence of your feet must act as a mindless distraction  from pain and exhaustion. Movies depict sing-song rhymes Full Article & Video

Cliven Bundy’s Bizarre Ad With Black Candidate

Cliven Bundy

Pro-Slavery loudmouth Cliven Bundy and African American congressional candidate Kamau Bakari are unlikely saddle pals...Until you dig deeper and realize that they're both bat-sheet crazy.  What are the chances that  Cliven Bundy, of the infamous federal stand-off, and 'Kamu Bakari The Electrician,' are both self-titled patriots who share identical views! Full Article & Video