What should we do about the Middle East?

What about the middle east

Cartoonist Daryl Cagle is no fan of President Obama but he is hard to pin down politically, so I am not sure what to make of this cartoon other than it instead of Obama standing there not knowing what to do, it should depict the GOP with an Israeli flag jumping feet first into that ... Full Article & Video

Presenting the Humble Ted Cruz

Presenting the Humble Ted Cruz

"in college he was a superstar, he was national debate champion, he was world champion, I think it went to his head, now he seems way more grounded, if that's possible." Rob Marks a liberal but old debating opponent of Cruz from the Princeton days who also added, "Living in a Ted Cruz world would ... Full Article & Video

ISIS Founding Fathers, Lukovich Cartoon

ISIS Founding Fathers

This cartoon brings to mind the comparison of the Republican responsibility for 911 as opposed to the Democrat responsibility for Benghazi; 3000 Americans are killed in NEW YORK CITY because of gross Republican incompetence by George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Condelezza Rice and Donald  Rumsfeld who were warned, and who not only paid no price for ... Full Article & Video

Republicans plead for war in Middle East

GOP pleads for war in Middle East

This cartoon caught my attention after watching the ABC Sunday morning round table with Fareed Zakaria causing my favorite Neo-con shitwit William Kristol to implode, per usual, Billy Kristol who with his NeoCon Weekly Standard is more responsible for the call to the Iraq War than anyone else in the media, and for some crazy ... Full Article & Video

Jon Stewart, Republican Rick Scott climate denial in Florida

jon stewart climate denial in florida

As you probably know the very sane looking Republican Governor of Florida Rick Scott has made it illegal for state agencies to use the terms "Global Warming" or "Climate Change" in any documents or interviews with the press, instead in Republican held Florida they suffer nuisance flooding, moisture inconvenience and statewide Jacuzzification, On the other hand ... Full Article & Video