Guns are a mental health issue, clearly

guns are a mental health problem

Sheneman's got it, clearly. The gun enthusiasts in this country are the problem. All the murders, mass shootings, and gang killings are done by gun enthusiasts. Is Ted Nugent mentally stable? Someone who brags about shooting cats and dogs and has to kill something each and every day?  Who admits Full Article & Video

3 Breasted woman joins The View

3 breasted woman joins The View

Three breasts?  What's next?  Find out with the Get Sexx Tonight video! As an added bonus, the video does include the water skiing squirrel. [Speaking of squirrels, we have a few down her in suburban Texas who love to shoot and kill them as the run the wires behind our Full Article & Video

SNL: NFL player Introductions

SNL NFL Player Intros

I OD'd on penis pills! Even as a big NFL fan, or more specifically a Green Bay Packer fan, I have a feeling this game may go the way of boxing. We made a lot of fun of ABC NFL announcer Howard Cosell back in the day, but his friendship Full Article & Video

SNL Weekend Update, The Ebola Girl

SNL, Ebola girl

Most Americans only use 10% of my brain. This season's SNL Weekend Update we find Michael Che replacing Cecily Strong. This leaves Ms Strong to play comic characters rather than her old straight man part. Hey what a fine job channeling Emily Letalla! Also a good female counterpart to Drunk Uncle. Full Article & Video