Democrats, DON’T SHOOT! Republicans, DON’T VOTE!

Democrats, DON

So how could it be that Republicans are disliked? Anything to do with being the party of religious intolerance, racial, sexual and ethnic bigotry, guns, bombs, executions, beating up kids, selfishness, callousness and bankers? Why would anyone making less than $100k a year vote for the nasty bastards?  Religion, ignorance, Full Article & Video

Congress on vacation, again

Congress on vacation

Congress just went on a 6 week vacation, 2 weeks after their 5 week Summer vacation. They will be back after the election to do lame duck nothing stuff for two weeks before they take their Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations. Last year Congress was in session for 110 days. And Full Article & Video

Stupid George W Bush Photoshops

Stupid George W Bush Photoshops

"Bring unto me the little children and I will put down my gun long enough to beat the crap out of them." Jesus of America This collage of photoshopped politicians goes beyond George W Bush and the GOP to include a few extremely hated Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Full Article & Video