Massage by two clowns is too many clowns

two clowns massage

In fact two clowns is too many clowns for most anything other than a circus or a Republican Primary debate. Most every 4 years the GOP puts one really really silly African American clown up on their Republican Primary debate stages. Last year it was Herman Cain replacing Alan Keyes. This Full Article & Video

The Ferguson I AM DEREK WILSON rally


I AM DEREK WILSON. What is sick about these middle class white people - who control the city of Ferguson which is made up of mostly poor black people - is using the famous I AM SPARTACUS line from the movie of that name to celebrate authorities killing an unarmed Full Article & Video

God is Great

God is Great

I gave much thought to putting his up. The video was too much for me so this is a middle of the road image of religion at work. The acceptance of invisible flying entities in the firmament being real and responsible for everything is what makes this possible. This was Full Article & Video