Family values do not stop at the border

Family values

Perhaps the GOP doesn't want THEM here because not only do THEY have better family values than we do, but also a much better work ethic. And too, their religion is more maternal and kind with all that compassion and bleeding heart loving that comes from the Virgin Mary. Who is almost non existent here. ... Full Article & Video

Benghazi, over and done with

Benghazi over and done with

Now that a REPUBLICAN House panel has submitted their final investigation on Benghazi finding no issues, the question is whether Senator Lindsay Graham and Darrel Issa should be put on suicide watch. Or will we see the more natural process of them turning red, then purple, then blue and their heads exploding? It seems this Republican Full Article & Video

Black Friday, shop till you drop dead

black friday shop till you drop dead

I would think that Black Friday would be the day that anyone with a lick of sense would not venture out past the end of their driveway. In fact I am going to turn the power off in the house, take the laptop into the windowless hallway under a closet door frame in the middle ... Full Article & Video

Republican Immigration dreamer dreams

GOP dreams of Democrats

On this issue there should be none of that political equivalency business in singling out Latinos. After all there is no place in this world of ours where immigrants could come from that would give Republicans more voters than Democrats. Well, other than ISIS I suppose. Oh the horror of it! More minority Democrats who will Full Article & Video

Bill Maher Monologue, Immigration, Nov 21 2014

bill maher monologue

If you like your gardener you can keep your gardener The new laws deny most everything but deportation to about half the illegal immigratants here, so Obama is being like a half and asshole rather than a total asshole the Republicans are. This thing has more emotions and politics behind it than reality. Bill makes a Full Article & Video

Lewis Black on Black Friday, Daily Show

lewis black black friday

You can't make a store open on Thanksgiving. It's just a poor helpless corporation. But people? Punch in and shut the fk up. You can see your family in January. Speaking of Venus and Mars... I had carpet cleaners here the other day and asked how many men they talked to on the job. They told Full Article & Video