Jon Stewart, North Korea, Sony and The Interview

Jon Stewart, North Korea, Sony and The Interview

It would not be that strange if North Korea were finally brought down by Hollywood's celebrity angst. After all, we Americans spend more time with sports and celebrities than we do much anything else. So we have the tech savvy Japanese a couple hundred miles away from North Korea, a giant multinational corporation, Hollywood, American, European Full Article & Video

A Merry Guns for Christmas to one and all

Merry gun Christmas

After a few months of seeing African American thugs protesting against white cops killing unarmed black men. And watching Fox News and listening to talk radio do I, or does anyone for that matter, have to explain what white people are buying the guns for? Muslims terrorists? Airplane Hijackers? Marathon Bombers? Ducks? And of course Jesus Full Article & Video

Stoner Santa Claus peed on the couch

Stoner Santa pees on couch

Oops.  It's not smoking weed that makes you pee your pants, it's beer.  So, oh no, that isn't pee after all!  Oh no!  What caused that. Elf porn.  Let me Google that. Oh no! The good news is it's mostly all anime, the bad news is there's 10 pages of it. Quite often the most important Full Article & Video

Liz loves Dick the Dick no matter what

Loving Dick Cheney

And some gal married Charles Manson a few weeks ago! This one caught my eye as an example in the bigger picture of who is at fault for accepting so much ugly in the world, is it the messengers or the receivers. Is it Rush Limbaugh who is a fat ugly bigot and morphine addict who Full Article & Video